our story

like any good thing, gloobles has its own creation story. not born of the big bang or made by the hand of a higher power, gloobleswas the brainchild of two old friends. fuelled by a burning passion for travel and the discovery of unique places, the two launched the site in 2014. after nearly four years together, the two have decided to chase different dreams, with Stephanie taking the reigns as our fearless leader here at gloobles.

while we’ve grown and evolved since our nascence, we still hold our initial goal near and dear: to share the best of the best for dinner, dancing, shopping, sleeping and everything in between and to create a global network of discerning, diverse travellers with whom to share these tips with. at gloobles, we are critical and independent, so you can trust that all of our opinions are our own. because we never accept freebies, you know you can rely on us as much as you would your best friend.

as we leave our digital toddlerhood behind, we just cannot wait to see what is in store for us and for you. we want nothing more than to inspire you – and have you inspire us – to travel and explore and, most of all, enjoy. so join us on this journey (and all of our travels!) at gloobles.com and make sure you check us out before you check in.