Sa Rascassa in Costa Brava

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Sa Rascassa is a lovely place with a stellar reputation for top quality but unfussy Catalan cuisine. We love to spend an afternoon or an evening, with outdoor tables set in a pretty, walled gravel garden which is candlelit at night. 

tip by: Sanne Andrée Wiltens & Jeroen van den Boom Stephanie van Rappard
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address: Cala Aiguafreda 3
neighbourhood: Aiguafreda
phone: +34 972 62 28 45
Sunday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30
Monday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30
Wednesday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30
Thursday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30
Friday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30
Saturday13:30-15:30, 20:00-22:30

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