Restaurante El Campero in Marbella

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The chique El Campero is an eatery found in the lively fishing town of Barbate. While it is quite the trek from Marbello, it is well worth your time! The quaint coastal town is enough to make the journey worthwhile, but the true pièce-de-resistance is El Campero's menu centred around Almadraba red tuna. You'll need to try the tasting menu to get the full experience!
tip by: Florian van Rappard & Marta Diego Stephanie van Rappard Sophie Beeftink & Teun van Rappard
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address: Avenida ConstituciĆ³n, Local 5 C
neighbourhood: Barbate
phone: +34 956 43 23 00
Sunday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45
Tuesday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45
Wednesday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45
Thursday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45
Friday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45
Saturday12:00-17:00, 20:00-23:45

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