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If you're tuned into our social channels or have walked past Mendo, in the last couple days, then we can bet you know the good news. AMSTERDAM the gloobles guide is finally out! Though we had a few delays as a result of the current pandemic situation, we are firm believers that good things truly do come to those who wait. We've already thumbed through our own copies cover to cover, & we have to admit - we are so happy with how it's turned out. We are proud to support each & every one of the wonderful businesses featured in its pages & immensely lucky to have worked with a publisher as fantastic as Mendo.

Our fantastic founder Stephanie van Rappard sat down for an interview with Mendo, dishing on what it was like to create the book & what we have in store for the future. With Mendo's generous permission, we are reprinting the interview here. Keep reading to get a behind-the-scenes snapshot of what it's like to create a guidebook as glorious as AMSTERDAM the gloobles guide


*originally published by Mendo*


This month, MENDO & gloobles launch a rather delightful city guide, packed with hotspots, most of which you currently cannot visit. We had a chat with gloobles' founder Stephanie van Rappard.

First off: publishing a book with hotspots in Amsterdam is such a joyful event, but most of them had to close. You must have mixed feelings. 
Yes, I was super busy preparing a big launch for the book, so we were certainly a little disappointed. But that just means that once we are all free & clear of this thing (& everyone is in good health), we will make our launch even bigger & even better. Apart from the heart-breaking loss of life & all of the suffering, one of the saddest things about this pandemic is the uncertainty that hovers over us all, in Amsterdam & abroad. Many of our favourite spots from our book are struggling to survive. The economic impact of the Coronavirus on many of the places we’ve chosen to feature is staggering. That’s why we’re continuing to support them in small ways (buying vouchers, ordering delivery & promoting them on our social channels) because we want them to be there when we can return!

Can you tell us a bit more about gloobles?
gloobles was the brainchild of two old friends. Fuelled by a burning passion for travel and the discovery of unique places, Céline & I launched the site in 2014. After nearly four years together, we decided to chase different dreams. While we’ve grown & evolved since our nascence, we still hold our initial goal near & dear: to share the best of the best for dinner, sleeping, shopping, culture & everything in between & to create a global network of discerning, diverse travellers with whom to share these tips with.

What are the criteria for the hotspots you select?
Our perfect trip is all about balance – we love cosy family-run shops & pocket-sized food stalls as much as grand, sweeping Michelin-starred restaurants & opulent hotels. We want places peddling quality wares that still have an eye towards the aesthetic. No matter what we’re recommending, it has to be authentic & irresistible. Every single spot has to be somewhere you’d be dying to tell your friends about after visiting.

On the website, gloobles covers destinations from all over the world. Why did you start with this book about Amsterdam?
Though we could have chosen a number of wonderful cities, we thought it was only right to start with our hometown, Amsterdam! As we think the ideal way to see a city is with a local, we knew that creating this guidebook to our favourite city would be the next best thing. That way, we’re always at hand (if only on the pages) to give tips & pointers wherever our readers find themselves in the city.

Are you planning on creating a series of books?
Yes, indeed we are. We’ve actually already secretly begun research on our next book: London. We are hoping to publish LONDON the gloobles guide within the year!

If you want to share hotspots, there are much more efficient methods of delivery than a book. That being said, why did you choose to publish a book?
I know. It’s old school, right? But we want our readers to detach from their devices & dive headfirst into the cities we love dearly, just as we would. You’ll never get a real sense of a city if you’re glued to your phone the entire time. We want gloobles travellers to look up & around, not down into their palms.

How is this city guide different from any other (Amsterdam) city guide?
gloobles is an independent curator, so you can be sure that everything in the book is as fabulous as we say (we never accept freebies & we don’t let the opinions of others cloud our view). & although this is our very first edition, we know the importance of staying up to date, so we will be releasing new, fresh editions regularly to capture the moment in Amsterdam. I don’t know of any other guidebooks that update & refresh their books as often as we intend to (or who’ve tapped as many interesting, enviable & in-the-know locals as we have), so we’ll be both more current & more reflective of what’s actually cool than anyone else.

Creating a book is something many people dream of. What has it been like for you so far?
It was such an interesting & intense learning experience because I had to really throw myself into the world of publicity, which was completely new for me. I was super lucky to have a publisher like MENDO by my side through the whole process.

If you had to pick one, which hotspot in the book is your favourite?
Oh, that’s literally impossible. That’s like asking me to choose between my babies.