A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Renée Vervoorn of PLTS in Blog

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God, we really miss life before COVID. Especially when it comes to working out. Sure, we've tried at-home yoga, and we meet up with friends for brisk walks in the park. But nothing compares to being energised & motivated in a killer class in a gorgeous studio. As soon as the gyms we reopen, we're heading straight to PLTS

We were lucky enough to have a chat with PLTS's founder, Renée Vervoorn, to find out all about one of our favourite studios. Keep reading to get all the juicy details!

gloobles: Alright, first things first. Tell us the story of how PLTS came into being.

Renée: I was doing regular Pilates to get my pre-baby body back after giving birth to my second daughter, Monroe. I was hating the classes, loving the results. We took a family vacation to Venice Beach, and I encountered the more upbeat, high intensity reformer Pilates, and I fell head over heels in love with ‘em. Right then & there, I decided to bring the concept to the Netherlands, fine tune it for the European market and turn it into a fitness-meets-Pilates, beat-driven, very high intensity concept. That way all my friends here in the Netherlands & their friends & their friends would wanna come to our studio(s).

gloobles: And thank goodness you brought it here! We need PLTS in our lives. Have you always been into sports & fitness?

Renée: My husband & business partner in PLTS has been in fitness over 15 years now. He’s also the founder of 3SIXTY5 Personal Training. So, our mindset & lifestyle was already wrapped up in sports, fitness & health. I have an entertainment, marketing & PR background, so I had visualised exactly how I wanted PLTS to look & feel. Together, we created the whole concept.

gloobles: We love that it's something you guys did together. It's sort of a third child, we guess! If you’re not working out at PLTS, where do you like to exercise in Amsterdam?

Renée: I LOVE to book myself one or two PT sessions a week at 3SIXTY5. The PT sessions are tailor- made for my body & needs and are therefore very effective. I also love to do spinning classes at home on our Technogym bike. But obviously what I love most is doing a class at PLTS. It’s the sweat & smile, that happy feeling after class that is so addictive. Plus, it strengthens the core & tones the body like no other workout. It empowers me.

gloobles: Feeling physically strong totally makes us feel mentally strong too. What’s your favourite track to work out to?

Renée: No specific track, but I do need EDM – deep house music – to keep me going.

gloobles: Something juicy to motivate you! How & where do you refuel after a class at PLTS?

Renée: I absolutely love ordering lunch from BACK. After eating something from BACK, I can go for hours. Every morning I have a ginger shot from Blend New Day, and I prepare a morning shake with protein powder.

gloobles: No doubt you need the extra protein with all the exercise. We can't even imagine! What’s your favourite gym or boutique fitness studio in the world?

Renée: PLTS. Of course.

gloobles: Is there somewhere you love to shop for workout gear in Amsterdam?

Renée: I absolutely LOVE the quality & fit of Lululemon (and we happen to have a collaboration with them, which I’m extremely happy about!).
I also like Lune Active or our own PLTS collection that I co-created and wear all the time.

gloobles: All great options for looking chic whilst working out. Where do you see PLTS in 10 years?

Renée: World domination. I am very ambitious, and my dream is to build the PLTS brand in a way that enables us to have studios in many more cities & countries.

gloobles: That's amazing! Alright, last one. Who is your dream PLTS class attendee?

Renée: Michelle Obama. I know she loves high intensity reformer workouts & travelling the world, so hopefully she will just walk in one day to take a class with us. I just love everything about her. Her kindness, her strength, her grace, her power. I’d also love ‘our own’ Maxima to join our classes. Pretty sure she’ll love the workout & studio energy.