A PAGE OUT OF OUR BOOK: Lauren & Jetteke of Anecdote in Blog

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Personal style is something that's always been important to us. We're creative, but perhaps not in the traditional sense (no sculptors or actors here!). That's why we've always sought out outlets for our creativity, ways that we could express ourselves in tangible ways. That's why we love clothes - and the fantastic brands who make them - so very much.

One of the brands that has always felt really special & truly unique to us is Anecdote. It's a brand that focuses on style above all else but pays close heed to quality as well. We sat down with the girls behind the brand, Lauren & gloobles friend Jetteke, to get all the juicy details. Keep reading to find out more!

gloobles: Hi guys! Thanks for chatting with us today. Can you give us the rundown of what Anecdote actually is?

Lauren & Jetteke: Anecdote is a single-quality knitwear brand. All garments are produced in Felt wool. We concentrate on high quality & everlasting designs; every item is designed to last a lifetime.

gloobles: Let's give our readers the full story - tell us what it was like to open Anecdote's flagship shop in the Weteringbuurt.

Lauren & Jetteke: After 10 years of making beautiful collections & meeting great people all over the fashion industry, we decided to turn our schedule & system around. Our priorities shifted, & we felt the need to be closer to Anecdote & the production process again. Take the lead, produce less, slowing down the system & enjoying the process of creating again. 

gloobles: It must be super nice to get back to what really matters to you both. What drew you to clothing in the first place? Were you always interested in fashion?

Lauren & Jetteke: Yes, absolutely! Both of us were always attracted to beautiful designs, pretty patterns, cool prints etc. However, we never had the urge to be a ‘game-changer’ or very avant garde. Anecdote existed to design & produce beautiful basics & timeless, comfortable creations. We make high quality a priority, & we absolutely love to work with our knitwear manufacturer Josep, a true knitwear expert & innovator.

gloobles: But not everyone needs to be avant garde! You guys do what you do so very well. What inspires you?

Lauren & Jetteke: Brave people, the word possibility, creativity, Paris & children's imaginations.

gloobles: Love it. Tell us a bit more about your name! What does it mean?

Lauren & Jetteke: Anecdote literally means a short, amusing or interesting story. People naturally love stories & always take them with them. The same applies to our creations. Our customers seek joy & comfortable clothes they can take with them on all kinds of adventures.

gloobles: Plus they can create new stories in your beautiful pieces. What are you looking for when you’re working on new products to add to the shop?

Lauren & Jetteke: We no longer bring out summer & winter collections every six months. We will bring out beautiful, seasonless creations & give them the time they need & deserve without rushing them into sales. We decided to produce less & work with small editions. Styles will modify, reformulate & evolve on a regular basis. However, every edition will be produced in the same carefully picked eight lively colours.

gloobles: That makes more sense. Then every piece is really considered & has the time to be as perfect as it can be. Walk us through a day in the life at Anecdote.

Lauren & Jetteke: Impossible! Every day is so different. We work with a very small team in the centre of Amsterdam, & honestly every day is a different one. We go from focusing on design to an ‘online day; to a ‘financial day’. At the same time, we use our store as a studio, so every now & then, the store is turned upside down to do a photo shoot.

gloobles: That must be exciting though! Always good to be kept on your toes. Describe your typical customer.

Lauren & Jetteke: We say our creations are for anybody & any body: women, men & kids, in all sizes. Anyone who can appreciate good quality & enjoys colour loves Anecdote. Our customers seek joy & comfortable items to wear in their everyday life, genuine fashion pieces that are meant to last. We strive to sell a meaningful & positive product so it will be appreciated for a longer time.

gloobles: They're pieces you can keep for a lifetime, which is pretty great for everyone's increasing push for sustainability. Where else do you like to shop in Amsterdam?

Lauren & Jetteke: A few favourites: De Oliewinkel on the Brouwersgracht for the nicest people & good gifts (everybody needs a bottle of Oliewinkel oil in their kitchen), Salon Heleen Hulsmann for the best pre-loved luxury fashion, The Collectives for incredible, rentable pieces & our neighbour Back to Black for the best coffee in town. Aren’t we lucky?

gloobles: Oh we're going to have to check out The Collectives! What a cool idea. Alright, last question. Where do you see Anecdote in ten years?

Lauren & Jetteke: In ten years, we are an internationally operating knitwear brand, well-known for the brilliant quality & amazing colours. We'll be selling mainly online, but we surely would not rule out the option of some awesome collaborations.