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Is there anything better or more relaxing than a fantastic massage? If there is, we're hard pressed to think of it. While most of us are not slouched over a desk for quite as many hours as usual these days, we still find ourselves carrying around a lot of tension. Whenever we're stressed, feel as if our backs are in knots or simply want to treat ourselves to something luxurious, we always head straight for An Chi. This beautiful massage studio on the Overtoom is a true oasis in a city as bustling as Amsterdam. We sat down with owner Dee to find out all about what goes on behind the scenes and what inspires her. Keep reading to find out more.

gloobles: Hey Dee! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Let's start with the fundamentals. How did your studio come into being and how would you describe An Chi's concept?

Dee: I'm fascinated by human civilization, particularly Eastern cultures. Taoism & Buddhism have inspired me greatly so far in my path in life. I want to spread these philosophies by offering their vision of aesthetics in the massage experiences at An Chi. Offering people a place to escape from the restless city is the goal of my massage studio, and these Eastern philosophies were a big part of how An Chi came into being. The main goal for my massage studio is to create an oasis in the city where people can calm down and feel a better sense of wellbeing, even with such busy lives.

gloobles: We love that. There's really no place else like it in Amsterdam. What do you think sets it apart?

Dee: Personally, I donʼt like to be ordinary, and Iʼm glad that many people find An Chi unique. In my eyes, An Chiʼs uniqueness stems from the fact that it has a soul. It tells people a story; it stands for an attitude, a way of life, & it has a mission to spread the Eastern concept of being.

gloobles: That makes sense. It's not just about feeling better physically. You help people reach another plane spiritually or mentally. Tell us a bit more about the name. What does it mean?

Dee: An Chi is two separate words in Chinese. “An” is the pronunciation of “安”. It means peace & calm. “Chi” comes from “tai chi”. It means energy or flow. I find that together they perfectly sum up my concept. 

gloobles: Ahhh, that makes sense now! Do you have a favourite massage at An Chi?

Dee: To be honest, I don't have one favourite massage at An Chi. It depends on my particular needs at a particular moment. However, what I treasure more is a moment where I can lie down, feel my body with the flow of therapist's caring hands, let the music flow into my ears & wonder about the universe. No thoughts & no worries. At the end, I like to sip some tea & enjoy the peace of the aesthetics here.

gloobles: Yes, it's important to take a moment of calm after a massage to come back into your body. Otherwise, you undo all the good work the therapist has just done. Other than at An Chi, where have you gotten a great massage?

Dee: There are many good massage studios in Amsterdam. It's difficult to say whether one is better than another. I hope all can be different & unique in their own way.

gloobles: Such a lovely way to look at things. Different studios for different moods. Now, we just have one final question. Where do you see An Chi in ten years?

Dee: Thinking about the future of An chi, I hope it will be more than just a massage studio. I plan to build a tea house with a zen garden to offer people a memorable experience. I also want make better use of the space to organise some exhibitions for artists & introduce artisans' crafts that are in line with rotating concepts. I'm looking forward to exploring these parts of business in the future.